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Maintenance & Servicing

RAS Ltd Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Solutions

We carry out service and maintenance on most air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. All our engineers are qualified and have the necessary qualifications for the Safe Handling of Refrigerants.


Does your system need a service?

Protect yourself against preventable faults and breakdowns. 

Part repairs can be much more expensive than keeping on top of your annual service

Ensure system efficiency and reliability by keeping your system clean and not allowing build up.

This also helps keep your electricity bills down!

Regular maintenance should be strongly considered with all refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The amount of maintenance undertaken on equipment will depend on the application.

A well maintained system could reduce breakdowns and give a longer system life expectancy.

We offer full maintenance packages on all Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your service & maintenance requirements.


Request A Quotation or chat with our dedicated staff

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project and
provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

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